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Window Condensation | Causes and Solutions

Your windows are clean, but fog and water have blocked your view. Why do windows frequently collect condensation? Heat-causing appliances and showers contribute to humidity in your house. Though there are many causes, replacing window glass will eliminate the problem of windows that have formed condensation.

Why do Windows Condensate?

If the temperature inside your home is different from the outside temperature, your windows will collect condensation. Warm air colliding with a cool surface causes the fog or moisture to form.

Window condensation is typically caused by internal factors such as a steamy shower, an unvented gas fireplace, or a boiling pot of water. However, a major cause for window condensation, or “sweating,” is often inefficient window glass.

Additional Window Problems

Outdated or ill-fitting single-pane windows often fail to keep extreme weather at bay. You may notice a cold draft in the winter or have challenges cooling a room in the summer. If windows lack proper insulation, fog, condensation, and haze are likely to form. Hiring glass experts to install better windows will save you money in the long run.

Custom Window Solutions with Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor®insulated glass units are double-pane windows separated by an insulator. Some units contain gas sandwiched between the two layers of efficient glass, which combats window condensation. Insulated glass units provide homes with more consistent temperatures, prevent drafts, and saves you money on heating and cooling bills.

Call Glass Doctor to Eliminate Window Condensation

Window replacement is one of the many ways Glass Doctor solves problems for home owners. The experts at Glass Doctor have experience installing insulated glass units and are adept at eliminating problems such as condensation on windows.

In addition to window replacement and repair, Glass Doctor specializes in all types of home glass—from custom-designed shelves and mirrors to tabletops and shower doors.

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