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Home Mirror Types | How to Use Them Efficiently

Mirrors are an affordable way to create depth and enhance beauty in any home. The right decorative mirror can bring in more light and increase the aesthetic appeal of a room. Here are a few types of mirrors and areas where you can place them throughout your home.

Common Types of Mirrors

The three most common types of mirrors for home decor are:

  1. Plane mirror — These are flat mirrors that reflect images in their normal proportions, reversed from left to right. This is the most common type of mirror used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Concave Mirror — Concave mirrors are spherical mirrors that curve inward like a spoon. They create the illusion of largeness and are typically found in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  3. Convex Mirror — Convex mirrors are also spherical mirrors. However, unlike concave mirrors, they bulge out and distort the reflected image, making it smaller.

With Glass Doctor®, you can create custom mirrors for your home that are functional, decorative, or both.

Custom Mirrors with Glass Doctor

Below are some custom mirror options that Glass Doctor offers: 

  • Mirrored Wall: Add depth to your hallway and make it appear much longer with a mirror. Nice framework adds elegance and artistry.
  • Bedroom mirrors: Reflect natural light from your windows and lamps—used most often to view yourself every day before your day begins.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Accentuate your kitchen with light and space with a mirrored backsplash.
  • Statement mirrors: These decorative mirrors customize fireplaces, headboards and dining rooms as conversation pieces.
  • Mounted mirrors: Mounted mirrors help out by illuminating artificial light—great for that dark corner of the room.
  • Full-length mirrors: These mirrors help you dress for success. Some floor-to-ceiling mirrors fit nicely inside larger closets to get a better look at your wardrobe.
  • Framed mirrors: Bathroom mirrors and other decorative mirrors stand out as art pieces with a custom frame.
  • Custom mirror tabletops: Accentuate your end tables, coffee tables and others with a custom mirror top.

Contact Glass Doctor Today

Our Glass Doctor professionals have years of experience providing affordable custom glass and mirror solutions that add beauty and style to any home. Our experts can cut and install any type of mirror you need. Contact us today at 855-603-1919 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.